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WinForm Sample

first post: kostareject wrote: Hi, Great project. Can U provide WinForm project as a sample. Curr...

Expect - Howto read 2 lines

first post: MrSlimbrowser wrote: Hi, hope you read this ... I wanted to use your Library to control...

how to get data from telnet session?

first post: alireza6918 wrote: hithank you very much for your program.I wanted to telnet to some d...

latest post: alireza6918 wrote: hiyou can use the Read() function of telnet object and save the con...

Telnet server

first post: jgauffin wrote: Have you implemented a server?

latest post: alanjmcf wrote: I haven't tried that. What would the back end of the server be? N...


first post: bigjoe11a wrote: Hi! alanjmcf. I got your email and thanks for the code. I just trie...

latest post: bigjoe11a wrote: Thanks Alan. I'll play with it and see what I can come up with.Joe

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